Happy Birthday, Ems…

You sure did love some Judas Priest when you were three.

Excitement on the side

I’m just really proud that it was yesterday you decided to start dropping the “Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!!” every time we did something a little awesome. Because it will be way funnier to remind you that you used to quote Judas Priest when you were only three. But seriously… are you only four years old? Yesterday afternoon when I picked you up from school we were on the way down the hall and I said “So… did you do anything cool today?” You rolled your eyes a bit and said “Well, sure… let me get my backpack and we can break it down when we get in the car.”

I was almost afraid that years had passed me by and you were turning 14. But then you woke me up this morning with your sweet face next to mine and said “Mom, I think I peed in…

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