And then she was five….

We got our boogie on an awful lot when you were five!

Excitement on the side

You make my heart sing. Thank you for being such a strong little girl. In you I see the strength that has always been in me.

In the last year you have grown like a weed. You have gotten taller, smarter, stronger, sassier, kinder… and more compassionate. The toddler you were last year that said hilarious things and likely had no idea why they were funny is gone. She has been replaced by a little girl that knows exactly why her clever comments are so hilarious. But she also knows what it means when she says “Come here, Mom, I’ll give you a hug.”

You still hold me tight. But I hold you even tighter. Because I see in you the little girl you are becoming. And I know that the woman is right around the corner. I’d slow the earth’s rotation to make the day’s longer, just to…

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