Dear Emily on your second birthday…

Sharing some old birthday posts as I get geared up to bawl my eyes out for the next 48 hours. My big girl is almost 8, guys.

Excitement on the side

Dear Emily, 
Just a quick note to share with you something wonderfully funny that happened last night the night before your second birthday! A little background first, as your mother has never been any good at “making a long story short.” Earlier yesterday afternoon we had been chasing each other around yelling “Butt!! Butt!” and pinching each other. Evidently you have inherited your mother’s high falootin’ sense of humor. Butt pinching is the peak of hilarity in our house lately. These antics carried on intermittently through the day. 

We had dinner, and your buddy from next door came over to play. You took a bath and we put on your jammies. We were reading There Is A Bird On Your Head and laughing. Usually midway through your book you ask for some “Boob” and I know we are winding down our day. You were reading along and laughing at the book…

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