Kickstart My Heart

I have a tendency to yammer on a bit.  I know this is a shocking reveal.  I will give you a second to pull your jaw up off the floor.

This morning I was delivering a lengthy commentary on the level of my satisfaction with my marriage to MQD.  He was leaning against the counter, smiling.  He was listening.  Naturally, I felt encouraged and kept talking.

“I’ve been thinking maybe this wasn’t a big mistake,” he said with his signature smirk.

Just when I start to make peace with the fact that I am definitely the funniest, he slays me.

For nearly four years I have had a single favorite picture of this fellow I am proud to call my husband.


It really captures the joie de vivre of our early courtship.

Last night we were at the local elementary school for some rocking good Friday night fun when I said “Oh!  Let me get your picture by that sign!” and shockingly, he agreed.

It might be my new favorite picture.  It captures the essence of the change that has taken place.  I have lamented here before that my 25 year-old boy became a 30 year-old man.  But if I am honest with myself, I am partly to blame and perhaps even to credit.  Because he really has been building his character, one cougar at a time.


 I love you, MQD.  I hope I am your cougar for a long, long time.  As you turned up the radio this morning and shook your ass I had to laugh.  “This is a wedding song!” you said.

“Perhaps not for everyone.  But yep.  It is one of ours.”

You do.  You kickstart my heart every morning.

8 responses to “Kickstart My Heart

  1. You continue to pass out smiles everywhere you go! Love hearing the “rest of the story”!

  2. …and great contrasting photos of MQD btw…

  3. My Queen and I celebrate 19 years next month…she’s still in love with…go figure…oh yeah, and we walked out of our wedding ceremony to KSMH at full volume…my mother (already disapproving) looked like she’d just had an aneurysm hahaaa hooo, still funny

    • HA! Yep. We got a few raised eye brows with some of our song choices. We entered our reception to Hank WIlliams III Smoke & Wine:
      “Well, I have got no money but I am doin’ fine.
      I’m just a hillbilly hell-raiser; I’m tryin’ to kill my time.
      An’ I’m lookin’ for that gal, about five foot ten.
      An’ I’m gonna take her down that road of livin’ a life of sin.

      Because I’m drinkin’, druggin’: I’m havin’ lots of fun.
      I always carry round my loaded shotgun.
      If I think I’m gonna have a bad time,
      I got a little bit of smoke an’ a whole lotta wine.” HA.

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