Mama said there’d be days like this….

You know that old saying about how mothers don’t get sick days. It’s the truth. They don’t get sick nights, either. When Lucy slipped out of bed to come and stare at me in the bathroom at 2 am I had an inkling of what my day would look like today.

I don’t talk bathroom as much as my friend Karen. But I am not afraid of it. Truth is, I guess, is that the bathroom doesn’t play a big part in my life. I am chronically full of shit, I suppose. I just don’t spend an awful lot of time in there. So, when I was camped out in there most of last night, save for the twenty times I put Lucy back to bed, I kind of figured maybe I was just getting it all out of my system.

Wrong. This morning was no picnic, either.

Eventually I braved leaving the house. I figured I’d run a few errands and catch some zzzz’s in the afternoon when Lucy took her nap. Wrong, again. Instead we had the dreaded ten minute car nap.

I tried to put her back down. I did. I snuggled. I cajoled. I begged. I was firm. I pretended to be asleep.

Lucy cycled through several responses. None of them were sleep. She screamed at me “Nooooo! No nap! No!” She tried to distract me, efforts were made to convince me there was some kind of a tooth brushing emergency “Teeeeeth!” Eventually she calmly repeated “Mama. Out. Thank you.”

We are now reading books on the couch. I give up. Lucy wins. As noted in the video below she is “happy, happy.”

16 responses to “Mama said there’d be days like this….

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  2. Unfortunately we sometimes must suffer for our art. This stuff sucks in real life but it makes for great blog posts!

  3. I feel for you. Being sick (and having to keep going) and being overtired create the same visceral physical reaction in me. I just feel so sleep deprived I am almost hung over. I hope you sleep well tonight.

  4. Sorry you are sick, but very funny! I hate the car nap, especially when I need a nap, too.

  5. Those kisses are the sweetest thing ever!

  6. If you find that your video gets 200 views every day, it is because my child is obsessed with it. We have already watched it 10 times.

  7. I love that she gives kisses instead of a nap. While kisses are amazing nothing takes place of a nap lol

  8. Yay poop post! Boo all night/morning diarrhea.
    ps This made me and my 12 year old level of emotional maturity laugh really hard. xo

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