New things are #scary

And even worse when you are all alone.

I’m tweeting, y’all.  #IhavenoideawhatthefuckIamdoing

It was three months ago that my Twitter naivete was actually blog fodder.  I will even cop to being a little bit proud of myself when I said “I don’t tweet.”  But times are rolling on and I felt like it was time to get with ’em.  So, follow me.  Or whatever the hell you do.  And I will follow you.  And you can tweet back at me #thatwasashittytweet and I’ll be all #whatthefuckever.

So.  That’s what’s up.  It’s Monday.


10 responses to “New things are #scary

  1. The new thing is “I don’t Facebook.” Twitter is rad, you’ll love it.

  2. I’m so Twitter stalking your ass!!

  3. Sometimes new is just dumb. I’m sticking with tweeting is just dumb. Most things I think momentto moment aren’t worth passing along to the masses

  4. I AM SO FUCKING PSYCHED BY THIS! I might pee in my pants. If I do, it’s all your fault. #dontpeeinyourpants

  5. I feel like I am at least partially responsible for this. Sorry? ;)

    The good thing about Twitter is that you can act like an imbecile and it doesn’t matter. My husband’s current Twitter project is to tweet ridiculous questions at Zooey Deschannel (like what’s her fave recipe for biscotti) until she tweets back at him. I’m so proud.

    Welcome to the jungle.

    • HA! Then perhaps I am right where I belong. In the ongoing circle of reasons I think you and your people are swell… Zooey Deschanel was the only person I followed for about a year. :)

    • Ask the two imbecilic athletes ejected from the Olympics if it mattered. I disagree

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