MQD loves it when I am ridiculous. He pretends it is absurd, that my outlandish behavior is completely out of hand. But I never, ever see him laugh harder than when it is at me.

Last night we were watching television, New Girl. Clever little show, we like it. Recently on Fox television shows they display a word with a hashtag at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I suppose if you were inclined to tweet about the show, in particular that scene you were watching you could do so and then follow along with other viewers. Right? That is how Twitter works, I guess.

I don’t Tweet. As evidenced by the fact that I said during the scene on New Girl about a coyote “huh. #meepmeep, said New Girl.”

Only I actually said “Pound MeepMeep.”

“You mean hash tag,” he asked me.

Dumbfounded I stared at him. “But it’s a pound sign, right? Right?”

I still don’t see what is so hilarious. It is a pound sign.

Whatever. He didn’t think it was all that funny the other day when we saw an “Intelligent Vehicle” (as he now refers to them) on the highway. “Is that a Smart Car?” he asked.

A what???? He wouldn’t repeat it. I’ve mentioned he’s from Boston, right?

5 responses to “#giggles

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  2. Pound is shorter and therefore makes more sense if saying aloud this tweeting hashtag business. I tweet, but I haven’t quite subscribed to the smashing words together for a punchline/so people could keep up with it.

  3. I alternate between calling Food Lion “food loin” and “leone de mange” and my husband has yet to realize how hilarious I am.

  4. TWH & I have had the same discussion. He has to correct my tech related ignorance all the time.
    I can’t believe he wouldn’t repeat “Smart Car”. I actually said it again with a Boston accent in my head and it was HYSTERICAL!!

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