Me & Mrs Hannigan

Its not like Mrs. Hannigan and I have something going on. Not like me and Mrs Jones. But we do have something in common. We are drippping with little girls. Or so I thought.

Emily June October 2006

“Go and grab me some rubberbands and I will do your hair if you want.”  Ordinarily Em does her own hair before school but I had two hands free and felt like making the most of it.

Emily June March 2007

“You mean rubber band,” she corrects me.  “Mom, pigtails are sort of for little girls.”

And I saw her back tracking… “I mean for me. I just feel like it is not the hairstyle for me.”

Emily June September 2008


I will be 43 years old next time I get my picture taken for my driver’s license. I wonder if I will still be a little girl.

The Original Toys r Us Kid

2 responses to “Me & Mrs Hannigan

  1. Seeking Joyful Simplicity

    Some women can pull it off, and you are one of them.

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