Ballet flats and a ballerina bun do not evidently a ballerina’s physique make.

Eh. Neither do peanut m&ms apparently. Baby steps.

8 responses to “Ballerina

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  2. No one has a ballerina body 2 months after a baby! Don’t be crazy. You’re beautimous.

  3. Yep, what Colleen said! You look fabulous!!

  4. Um, consider this a love slap up side your gorgeo head. You look amazing. Period. xoxoxo And I need some ballet flats asap.

  5. Try not to lean against the wall for support. Straighten that knee. Weight over the balls of the feet. Tummy in, pull up and out of those hips (try and keep them vaguely level too). Shoulders back and down, long neck, don’t just your head out so far and hide the M&M’s in your ballet bag.

    Et voila ;)

    You’ve totally nailed the expression though, well done. A+

  6. :D you are beautiful none-the-less. :)

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