When M&Ms won’t cut it….

If you read pregnancy blogs or books (or even an Iphone app I have been using) you know that everyone suggests that the expecting mom and her partner make sure to take time for themselves before the birth of their baby.  They suggest a “second trimester get-away.”  After the sleepiness of the first trimester and before the third trimester uncomfortable-ness sets in, I guess,  the happy couple is supposed to head off to a bed and breakfast and bask in the joy of their impending bundle.  I can’t really wrap my mind around that.

 To me, that translates in to an overpriced weekend away in a time when Baby Budgeting is all consuming.  A weekend away where I can’t have a glass of wine, I may or may not get what I want to eat and I might fall asleep before I even remember to get laid.  No, thanks.

MQD and I have mini-dates all of the time instead.  They tend to last about an hour and take place while Em is either in bed for the night or having dinner across the street.  And tonight we had a sneak attack date.  My favorite kind.  Em had an invite for dinner so MQD and I did what any two red blooded newlyweds would do.

We went to the grocery store.  First we smooched in the kitchen and made some inappropriate jokes at our pets, and then I invited him to tag along with me while I ran out for a frozen pizza.    Can you have a better time?

Yeah.  You can.  At 39 weeks pregnant M&Ms will do the trick.  But at 39.5 weeks… you need Pizza. And Turtle Pie.  And Nachos.  And Oreos.

Last Hurrah

As we walked towards the check out we were giggling like a couple of freewheeling twentysomethings without a care in the world.  MQD looks around, evidently failing to take note of my pregnancy waddle and says “Do we look high?”

I burst in to giggles.  We unloaded our “groceries” and examined our bounty, as if one item would jump off the conveyor belt and answer the question he had posed.

“It’s not the food, Mike… it’s your slippers.”

Best Date Ever

 I couldn’t have asked for a better time.  Pizza, nachos, oreos, pie and giggles.  It’s not lost on me that at 39.5 weeks pregnant the Best Date Ever has all the ingredients of a 12 year old’s slumber party.

9 responses to “When M&Ms won’t cut it….

  1. I’m trying to figure out what it says about me that that sounds like the best date ever to me right now… And also I’m going to look for that turtle pie next time I go shopping.

  2. I have always liked that you find the time to find joy in all kinds of things. Whether it’s shopping for a ‘bouncing mom’ or having a good cry because you need to, you see the upside in all of these things. I hope Life continues to bring you things that make you smile and, when it doesn’t, that you continue to find an angle that makes you smile anyway. Good for you!

    • We all have on quality (or at least I hope we all do) that even in our lowest lows we can recognize as a gift. And this is mine. There is Joy (and if not capital letter J “Joy” at least a good laugh) in all things. At least to me. Some days it is all that keeps my head above water. Thanks for the well wishing!!

  3. you made me giggle!

  4. I love your blog… <3

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