Happiest Day

This morning I crawled in bed with Em after I got out of bed.  Literally crawled, as her mattress is on the floor, her bed disassembled and ready to go.

“It’s time to get up, kiddo.”

Like her mother she woke in a sunshine mood.  “Oh, great, only two more days in this crazy house.  It will be the happiest day ever when I can finally have my regular room back, and my toys.  Not sleep on a mattress on the FLOOR!”

I spared her the speech about how grateful she should be.  Instead I put my head down next to hers.  “What was  your happiest day ever, Emily?”

“The day I was born.”

“How come?  That was my happiest day, too.”

“Because that was the day you became my mom.”  She paused for effect.  And I knew she was waiting for a reaction.  I didn’t give her one just to see what she’d say next.  “Well, it could have been my second happiest day, because my happiest day was when I grew up.”

“When was that?”

“Well, when I knew what was going on and I actually found out that you were my mom and I could talk.”

“I think you knew I was your mom the moment you were born.”

“Well, then that was my happiest day ever.”  And then she pinched her nose.  “We really need to brush our teeth.”

Recollection of Happiest day Ever was over.  Return to your normal programing.  Where morning breath is an issue.  And the boxes are piled high.  But we’ll keep on keeping on.  There is an end in sight.  Moving day is tomorrow….

3 responses to “Happiest Day

  1. Gretchen Burgess


    I am in tears. I know it is part pregnancy, but the simplicity of this post reminds me if how very special a mother-daughter bond is…and I quickly they grow up to become their own thougtful, beautiful individuals!

  2. Awwww … aren’t little kids just the Best Things Ever?!

  3. YAY!!!! Moving day!! Hope it all goes off without a hitch. Congrats on the new house!!

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