Adventure that’s beyond compare…

Many of you may assume I was going to write about the Gummi Bears.  But they are not the only family that is bouncing here and there and everywhere.  Or even the only family that is “Dashing and daring, courageous and caring,  faithful and friendly, with stories to share….”

I’ll cool it with the Gummi Bears.  But once it gets in your head…

I will (hopefully) be very busy this weekend prepping to (hopefully) move in to the new place on Tuesday of next week.  Fingers and toes are crossed.  So, I thought I’d point you in the direction of some entertainment for the weekend.  If you’ve been reading here than there is something that appeals to you about a good gross story, or a moment that deserves to be on candid camera, or a sappy mom that is bursting at the seams with love.

I started reading my friend Colleen’s blog at The Adventure of the Family Pants because I love a good do-over.  Colleen’s story is hers to tell, but believe me when I say that the path that led her to her family wasn’t always a picnic.  She survived.  With her humor, her grace, her potty mouth, her love of glitter all of it intact.

A few highlights –

There was the day bees attacked her kids.  And her highly allergic husband.  It’s the kind of story you hear and think “No fucking way.  Oh, man…”

And the day a baby skunk scared the shit out of her.

It’s not always the wild that gets her all worked up.  Her two year old can be his own version of a wild animal.   And her Pearls of Wisdom are to die for.

If her son was not enough of a handful, her daughter, whom she calls Ms Plum, is nine handfuls.  She is raising the world’s largest baby.  I am not a woman that wants to do things like eat babies.   Ms Plum is positively chewable.

Colleen is a special kind of woman.  She will make you laugh. And make you cry.  Her post honoring her mother and Domestic Violence Awareness Month is somehow chilling and heartwarming all at once.

Go visit her. The Adventures of The Family Pants.  Like her on facebook, follow her, bookmark her.  Just go say hello.

Because if you have ever been handed a shit sandwich or loved your kid so much you could explode or wondered if you were on a hidden camera show then you should read her.  And you’ll know you’re not alone.  Or that there are three of us, at least.

Gimme some love!! Please?

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