I think the quality of a person’s parenting is in direct proportion to the degree of hypocrisy they embrace. This is more true the more colorful a life you have lived.

I have had a colorful life. I’m a colorful gal. Literally. I have nine tattoos only two of which are smaller than a salad plate.

Today after school Em was plastering temporary tattoos all over herself.

“Emily! Seriously. That is enough. Stop before you look like a crazy person.”

They say imitation is the hugest form of flattery.

If this is true – hypocrites make great parents and imitation is high praise – than my daughter adores me. And I am an incredibly good mother.


8 responses to “Hypocrisy

  1. mylifeaworkinprogress

    Oh, I know I’m going to be a hypocrite! I’d better not catch my kids pulling the same crap I pulled! :D

  2. Did Em get a new haircut, or have I just not been observant lately? She looks so much more grown up – and so much like you!

  3. “Stop before you look like a crazy person!” Oh, the things adults say.

  4. This is ADORABLE! I have to stop my kids when they get all crazy with the temporary tattoos too. When my oldest was younger (sometime before Deathly Hallows came out, so I’m thinking 7 or 8?) we had a bunch of Dark Mark temporary tattoos and had to stop him from putting them all over his body.


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