The Lines

On the drive home from the gym every day I have endorphins pumping. I am sweaty and strong and I feel about as good as I am going to feel all day.  Something happens when Lucy and I walk into the house.  I cross the threshold of our side door and enter the kitchen and the sweat starts to dry and all of a sudden I need to make lunch and what have I prepped for dinner and I have phone calls to make and oh shit I forgot to go the post office and do we have softball practice tonight and….

I try to hold onto the feeling. I do.  Today Lucy was cool, we had macaroni and cheese which every parent knows is a crowd pleaser. “Mom, you go take a shower and I will just color, ok?”

Don’t mind if I do.  I walked into the bedroom to peel myself out of my sweaty gym clothes and I guess I didn’t hear her follow me. “Mom!” She was yelling, like something was very alarming. “What ARE those lines?”

Instinctively I pulled my shirt back down.  My still salty face started to flush and I was trying to formulate an answer, the right answer.  I took a deep breath and pulled my shirt back up and said “Lu remember how I told you that you used to be inside my belly? Well, in order to fit in there my skin had to stretch way out.”

photo (1)

She touched my stretch marks and was quiet. “That’s amazing.  Now your belly is so tiny.”

Well, compared to when I was 40 weeks pregnant, I suppose it is.  So tiny.

“That’s cool, Mom.  I am gonna have lines on my belly when my baby comes out, too.”

And she walked away.

I wish I could see myself like my girls see me.  Just once.



10 responses to “The Lines

  1. This is awesome. I have those lines too – it prevents me from wearing a bikini… yes but it was so worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty much done with you making my cry, woman.

  3. Perfect!! (And we could all work on that!)

  4. Awe! How absolutely adorable! You’ll have to remember that story and tell her when she dreads the thought of getting them!

  5. Yes, exactly! And great job you for teaching your daughter that those lines are beautiful. You led the way!
    With me it’s my frowning c-section scar and my sad howling belly button. That belly button used to be a perfect little pool, you know? Now? Not so much. And so it goes…

  6. That Lucy sure is a smart one!

  7. Sarah Denhardt Cissna

    Don’t mind me, I’m just tearing up in the middle of a sandwich shop in Charleston…

    Sarah Denhardt Cissna sent from my iPhone


  8. Don’t you dare start crying!! If you start, then I’ll start.

    Those lines are part of your story. Share it proudly.


  9. Robin Trabue

    Such wonderful. You have melted my heart again. Go momma!

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