Almost hilarious…

There are moments in my life that are almost hilarious.  And this morning was one of them.  Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues has a word for his kind of almost famous, fam-ish.  So, I guess this morning was hilari-ish.  These “almost hilarious” or hilari-ish moments often include a scenario that is not particularly amusing to anyone else there, but inside my head, with a  few small changes to the players and the scene… ahh, how hilarity would ensue.

On my way in to the office this morning a co-worker called me.  He has a cryptic way of asking me questions pretty regularly, so I am wary with my answers.  I never know if I am being conned in to lending a helping hand and this morning was a perfect example.  “Are you coming to work today by any chance?” Don’t I always? “Well, where exactly are you?”  And I’m thinking, umm… I’m four minutes from the office and running about twenty-one minutes ahead of schedule.  I’m kind of a fanatic about being on time.  I rounded the corner before the second to last turn on my way to my office and I saw his truck.  Ahhh… it was all clear to me now.  He was out of gas.  About fifteen feet on the other side of a tiny little bridge.   There was very little space for him to pull over and traffic was piling up behind him.  I waved and kept on towards the office where I could pick up a gas can and return and save the day.

It turned out I was lucky!  There was a can at the office with several gallons of gas so I was able to snag it and head right back to where his car was parked.  By the time I got back there I could  see the blue lights flashing. One of Carrboro’s finest had pulled in behind him  and was directing traffic.  I slipped in behind the cop car and hopped out.  My co-worker grabbed the gas can and I waited to make sure that he had enough to get his truck started.

It was after he got underway that my internal dialogue started getting funnier and funnier.  The cop had on this ridiculous traffic vest.  He headed back towards his car and removed his vest.  And then he walked back towards the middle of the street and put his arm out and stopped the oncoming traffic.  He looked back at me, pointed, and I shit you not, he winked and gave the “all clear” sign.  It was everything I could do to not get hysterical.  There was a little part of me that wanted to drive really slowly past him, checking the sides of his pants for velcro.

But sadly…. Village People inspired male strippers really only show up on a Tuesday morning at 9 am inside my head, almost never in the middle of the street.  And really even more rarely are hired by my co-workers to ambush me.  And it’s too damn bad. That was way funnier than what actually happened.

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