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10 Day Challenge (7)

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

  1. Close-minded people make me bonkers.  Opinionated, I adore, but close-minded?  I am immediately disinterested in spending any time with you.
  2. This could be a sub-category of being close-minded but it deserves its own spot on the list.  Homophobes.  How could I love or be attracted to a person that doesn’t understand that on a basic level I didn’t decide to love or be attracted to them?  That it is just who I am.   It’s that simple.
  3. Disrespect.  Whether it is their mother, or their bartender, or their children, or their friends.  It is impossible for me to see a person treat other people with disrespect and not wonder when they will turn that same behavior on me .
  4. And lest you start thinking I am not at all shallow… I will give you the double-whammy for Number 4.  Two shallow turn-offs for the price of one.  Shortness and jacked up teeth.

(P.S.  I recognize how absurd it is to say I am “turned-off” by people who are close-minded AND then list an arbitrary characteristic like height.  But below you’ll see there is a reason, really, there is.)

This reminds me of a tale from long ago that I recently shared with a couple of friends via email.   Pasting it here to share with the rest of you, it is  a pretty fair description of what it is I don’t find attractive about short men. As well as a good example of my inability to censor myself.

You know when someone repeats something to you that you said and you think “oh no… I totally said that, it sounds just like me.”

Way back a hundred years ago I was tending bar and I had a great customer, he was at my bar every night and he LOVED me. He was very short.  This didn’t stop him from laying it on thick, nightly. He comes in one evening and he is a little more tight-lipped than normal. I said “What’s the deal? You over me?” And I laughed.

He says “Well, since you said what you said last night I guess I don’t have a chance, huh?” And all of a sudden it all started to come back, I remembered running in to him at the bar late night.

Foolishly, I said “What the hell did I say?”

He says with a sheepish grin “You said you like to kiss and fuck at the same time.”

All I could say was “Umm, yeah, I pretty much do.”