Baby’s Got Sauce

The last night of our honeymoon, May 7th, 2011

A long, long time ago I can still remember how that … BOOZE … used to make me smile….  So maybe that is not exactly how the song goes, but I was humming this tune last night.

On May 8th, 2011 we returned home from our honeymoon. Later that week we took a pregnancy test. You know how that turned out. MQD, always up for a challenge, opted to give up the sauce with me. It was more than a kind gesture. It was the perfect way to kick off what was destined to be a mind-bending year.

Wedding. Baby. New house. A clear head seemed the only way to survive.

When Lucy was born late January I wondered if MQD might take a flying leap off the wagon. Nope. He was in it to win it. Might as well make it a full year.

My birthday came and went. I had two gin and tonics in the middle of the afternoon. MQD drove. The following day was his year of sobriety.

Last night we had cocktails. Two each. One on our back deck together, just the two of us, well, three of us.  . He changed a shitty diaper between sips on his Campari and Soda. Why you’d want to drink a cocktail that tastes like bowling ball cleaner and makes your mouth feel like you’ve been licking pennies, I do not know. Ask him.

I told Em we were going outside just the two of us for a few minutes.  “Will you Cheers?” she asked me.  You bet your ass we will, we’ve got quite a bit to be grateful for.

We had dinner outside. Our friends joined us for cocktail hour and we threw the big kids outside amidst complaints of “they never let us inside!” while the babies checked each other out on the floor in the living room.

The second drink went down a little faster than the first. But just a little faster.

“How do you feel?” I asked him.


Loose isn’t too bad for a guy who got himself a wife, two kids and a mortgage in a years time.

Vodka & Tonic for the lady. Campari and Soda for the man. Yes, I am married to the only person in the world that drinks Campari.

11 responses to “Baby’s Got Sauce

  1. Don’t forget Jerry Falwell. He LOVES Campari.

  2. that’s a big ass vodka tonic. love the glass,

  3. that’s a big ass vodka tonic.

    i want.

  4. HAhahaha! There are so many pictures of me and B with him holding the fruitiest drink in the world like an appletini with 100 garnishes and me just drinking beer. We are gender benders.

    • :) It is pink, but it tastes like rot gut. I think that is why I hate it even more. I want to think it it is fruity and fantastic. Sloe Gin it is not!

  5. LOVE the family glass!!

  6. Katie Robbins

    Congrats on buiding an awesome life! and P.S. I love campari. It’s true the first sip tastes like perfume, but it gets better as you go. Also, bitters are really good for you. Some herbalists say the biggest problem with the American diet is that we don’t eat enough bitter things leading to all sorts of issues. Campari provides the perfect solution: it stimulates your digestive track as a good bitter will do, and gets you tipsy!

  7. Shoot I don’t even know what Campari is! LOL

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