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P-A-R-T-Y or I Love Kale Chips

Yesterday evening I posted a picture of the three, yeah, three bags of kale I selected to receive in our CSA box this week.  My friends and a good portion of the internet has been abuzz about the deliciousness that is the kale chip and I thought I’d give it a shot.


I over indulge. Even on vegetables.

I tagged the picture with a few of my kale loving friends, mostly just to give them a chuckle.  I go big.  Think you might like kale, well then get three bags!

And guys, facebook LOVES kale!!  You guys came out of the woodwork to shout about the glory that is this superfood. I had planned on making them this afternoon when the kids get home from their last day of school.  Last Day of School?  Party down with some KALE, kids!!!

I nurse Lucy to sleep at night in the rocking chair.  In theory I could go put her in bed but the great majority of the time I just let her snooze on me and I goof off on the computer or watch “my stories” (Duck Dynasty, Bravo garbage, yanno important stuff on TV) and take her to bed when I hit the hay at the late hour of around nine.

But last night, this happened.


Snug as a bug

And with my night all to myself what did I do???  I marched right in to the kitchen and started trimming ribs off kale, yes I did!!!  And if that was not enough fun I massaged them with some olive oil and popped those bad boys in the oven.

Oven at 200 degrees, kale all shiny and olive oil-y with a wee bit of kosher salt and some parmesan cheese

When someone says “Taste this, it is just like potato chips!” my instinct is to call Bullshit.   O’Doul’s is not “just like real beer.”  Decaf coffee is not just like the real thing.    The cheap, big bag of Tasteeos is not even “just like” Cheerios.  I mean, come on.  But kale chips???

Come on over to my house!!  I will be serving kale chips.  All summer.  They are delicious. Crispy and light and so good.  Using kitchen scissors I just folded each leaf in half and trimmed up the middle to remove the rib and what we have left was delicious curly q’s of superfood!  I’m hooked.  It is the Weekend of Kale Chips!  I have declared it so.

If you need me any time on Sunday I’d guess I will be in the bathroom.  Kale.  A superfood packed with dietary fiber.  What’s not to love?