Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon Lucy falls asleep on the way out to dinner and actually stays asleep long enough for me to have a drink.


Even less often than that she sleeps so long that I am able to eat my entire dinner without a baby in my lap.


And on the rarest of occasions, on the bluest of moons, Mama gets another drink after dinner and baby girl keeps snoozing.  Tonight was a damn good night.  Thanks Lucy Goose.  And thank you so very much Blue Moon Brewing Company.

14 responses to “Blue Moon

  1. Okay, I have to ask…Does the hat have a purpose or was the sleeping baby’s lap just a handy place for MQD to stow it during dinner?

    Also, damn that is a tasty looking beer.

    • Ha. He always give her his hat. She loves it. I think it was a preventative measure, as in “Here, take my hat. When you wake you’ll be so happy to have it you won’t scream!”

  2. You will be so pleased to hear that I can’t access your blog on my new workplace’s internal computers because it has been flagged as “pornography.” I suppose it doesn’t like the pic of the all-night diner that made you lopsided in the morning? Whatever it is that flagged it, I find the whole thing hilarious, and feel like you’d find extreme success in it.

    ANYHOW. Long way of saying I am about three weeks behind in reading and I just got caught up. I’ve missed you, pretty lady! Nice to catch up.


  3. Love this! Nothing like a picture of a happy sleeping baby with a happy momma getting to relax with a drink (or two) with dinner.

  4. I’ve never had a Blue Moon. We’re an Abita household.

  5. I wish she’d teach Wee Cee a thing or two.

  6. My favorite of all the beers. Now I’m thirsty :)

  7. Love it! You’re a lucky lady. Things like that really do happen once in a “blue moon.” Cute post.

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