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Everyone tells a new mother “Make sure to take time for you!” and  “Take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your family if you are not taking care of you.” And unlike so much of what “everyone” tells you, it’s not bullshit.  So this go round, I am doing the very best I can to do just that.

Yesterday was a damn near perfect day.  I had my second post-partum trip to the chiropractor.  One more and I am cleared for  take off.  It is hard to believe it was only a year ago I drank the Kool-Aid but I am convinced that my chiropractic care is somewhat to credit for my bouncing back so quickly after this labor and delivery.

In the same building, I had the pleasure of participating in my very first activity that starts with the words “Mommy &.”  And believe it or not, after I got past the initial “I can’t fucking believe I am doing this” feeling it was wonderful.

Mommy & Me Yoga.  Check that off the bucket list.  I had this idea that somehow it would be guided rolling around the floor with my youngin’ which I had trouble wrapping my mind around.  Around the why you’d need someone to show you how to do that and how I was going to get through it without peeing in my pants (not from lack of Kegel exercises during and post pregnancy, but from hysterics.)

Turns out Mommy & Me Yoga is regular yoga where your baby can loll around on a blanket (hopefully sleeping) and if they should wake you can pop out a boob in child’s pose or do the Mommy sway in the back of a room and no one will give you the glare.  The glare that says “really, a baby?  A baby?  How dare you bring  a BABY here!?”

There is one more thing a new mother needs to do.  “Get out of your house!” the well meaning advice givers say.  This is easier said than done for some, but I don’t have any trouble getting out.  I was, after all, at work seven days after Lucy was born. But I was out of the house twice this week, socially.  Much harder for me.  I had lunch with an old friend one day this week.  Not a huge accomplishment for some, but slightly more cause for celebration because I initiated this meet up.  And the second time?  With a new friend.

It makes me nervous to say that.  A new friend.  You may recall that I sought acupuncture treatment towards the very end of my pregnancy.  I have since been back twice.  Because I really like the practitioner.  She’s neat.  And cool. In that “I wonder if I am cool enough to kick it with this girl” way.  Can women that have TWO kids even “kick it” at all?

I did the hard thing.  The hard thing that frequently eludes me.  That I had dared myself to do in November in this upcoming year.  I stuck my neck out and tried to make a friend.  Making friends is awkward under normal circumstances, but when you have bullshitted with a gal  a handful of times and at the end you hand them your Visa card it is especially daunting to say “So, I was thinking maybe we could hang out, and maybe I’d not pay you.  Whatcha think?”   But I did it.  And it paid off.

I had the last of my pre-paid sessions yesterday.  And I am certain I will see her when she gets back from her trip to Austin.  Because she likes me, too, guys.  Even though I have TWO kids and am rapidly heading towards having NO job.    And get this.  She has ZERO kids.  Like maybe we could talk about something besides breeding.  Or breastfeeding or how much sleep we got.  There is a place for all that.  A huge place.  I did just finish mentioning that I secretly LOVED Mommy & Me Yoga afterall… but music and tattoos and books and funny stories from your twenties, this is some good shit that deserves some attention, too.

Quite a few of my friends, friends that have known me since Emily was little and before,  have recently sent me an email or a text message along a common theme.  “How are you doing? Really?” And to each of them I have said the same thing, “I’m good, I think.  I feel really good.”

I am typing this in my “running” clothes.  Clothes that will really be walking with a VERY tiny bit of jogging clothes until I have had one  more visit with the chiropractor and am closer to six weeks postpartum.  It isn’t noteworthy that I am writing and wearing pants with a forgiving waist band.  But these clothes are already sweaty.  (Tell me that is not gross? I  wear exercise clothes more than once unless I wear them to a Bikram Yoga class.  I don’t really care if I already smell if I am heading out the door to sweat.)

Day one of a 5K training program was completed day before yesterday.  And I am headed out the door to do day two as soon as I hit Publish.

So, to answer the question, how am I doing, really?  Awesome.  Really, really good.  I am taking care of myself.  And I drank a Heineken while I cleaned out the fridge after Em told me she did not have a boyfriend.  Yet.  I got this.  It’s gonna be cool.

Needles and cups and Activators, oh my!

Baby D isn’t gonna just roll over and do what they are told evidently.  This morning I have been poked, prodded, adjusted and meddled with inside and out.

In a rare moment of good taste I didn’t snap a lot of pictures,  but allow me to take you back to the morning.  For the first time in a few days I had somewhere to be at a certain time. And that time was not anywhere close to lunch.  So, it seemed to wise to awaken somewhere between 3:30 and 4 am.  By the time I hopped in the shower at six am my email was cleaned out, online banking reconciled and RSS feeds fully reviewed.  Thank you, iPhone for giving the insomniac something to do instead of count sheep and stare at the ceiling.

The mini-me  got off to school safe and sound and MQD and I headed out to the first of our appointments.  I have always been an outspoken believer in alternative Eastern medicine.  But I have also been a largely healthy and largely cash poor person.  Neither of these states of being lends you to trying out new Wellness techniques.  However, add a healthy dose of desperation to an over funded Flexible Spending Health Account and you have a recipe for Sign Me Up For Anything.

This morning’s agenda?  Acupuncture and cupping.  Both are ancient techniques designed to stimulate the body and achieve desired results.  I invite you to overlook the obligatory tramp stamp and instead focus on the needles and the cups.  Needless to say if the chi and blood in my lower sacral area were lazy before, it is wide awake and moving now.  Fingers crossed it gets some labor started.

I cropped out a teeny bit of butt crack. Because I found I DO actually have boundaries.

Once the cups had cooled and those pressure points were no longer active I had a little break.  A break just long enough to pop next door and see my chiropractor.  I have long since drank the chiropractic kool-aid and I was not shocked when my midwives suggested I resume chiropractic treatment late in pregnancy.  Makes a fair amount of sense.  If baby is to descend more easily, why not have those hips in a straight line?  And if Mom is to get out of bed without colorful language every morning, why not have that back lined up, too?  Pregnant trips to the chiropractor have introduced me to the Activator.  It is a nifty little tool that allows for adjustment more gently.  And it has a neat name.  The Activator.

Popped out of the chiro’s office and back in to the open arms of the acupuncturist.  Needles to the hands, shoulders, feet and elbows.  MQD had his own acupuncture treatment started while I was with my chiropractor so he was blissed out in the back room while I got to have girl talk in the front.

Could our morning get better?  Yes.  It really could.  Because I started this morning with my membranes intact.

Membranes in order, totally capable of sitting, driving, not peeing my pants for fifteen minutes at a stretch

The membrane that  connects the amniotic sac to the wall of the uterus, of course.   Now my membranes and I are bros, but it was time for them to go, sweep those bad boys outta here.  So to the midwives we went to have them “swept,” a term that really doesn’t do justice to a gloved hand elbow deep in your vagina for the sole purpose of scraping part of your innards out of the way.  But it is known to occasionally kick-start labor.  And at this point, I’m game for anything.

And lo and behold what did I find at the midwives’ office?  I am still only three centimeters dilated.  Which means the hours I have spent squatting and sitting on my ball in the last few days have done nothing but amuse those with whom I watch television.  And Baby D?  S/he continues to rage against the dying of the light… the little bugger has flipped back over face up.  Perhaps only temporarily in order to see what the hell was going on back there this morning… but what is the solution to that?  Binding, ladies and gents (though at this point I suspect I have lost the gents.)  If you guessed abdominal binding you are correct!!  Lift Baby D upwards and backwards, so they can rotate and descend again.  Music to my pelvic bones ears, but the bladder is not so thrilled.

Sans membranes, the ability to drive, hold urine for greater than fifteen minutes or not resemble a sumo wrestler from the back

So, off I go…. to roam around my neighborhood some more.

Dear New Neighbors,

If I knock on your door and seem out of breath and crazy eyed it is only because I need to use your facilities.  Please, take pity on my hunch-backed self.

Love, Kelly, 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant