Back to the Future

1982 called…. They want their leg warmers and their six year old Kelly back.

I have been so focused on my future the last few weeks… and this morning my past came down the stairs, all ready for school….

My mini-me

Emily June, someday you might look back on the time when I was pregnant with Baby D and think it was your hand holding, your patience, your back rubs with your tiny fingers and your pointy elbows that kept me sane…. but it isn’t any of these things.  It is times like this morning when I look right in to your face and I see me.  Those are the moments that ground me.  That remind me that this time will go by so fast.

I was six years old not so long ago.

You are as anxious as the rest of us to meet your baby sister or brother.  But this morning, you came down the stairs and you had a peanut butter and banana sandwich on toast. And  you waited for the bus.  And you gave me a kiss and said “Maybe we will have a baby today.  Maybe.”

No expectations.  No disappointment or weighty anticipation.  Just … maybe.


Tough to be too upset with these goofs in the house.  So, I wait. However impatiently… I wait.

11 responses to “Back to the Future

  1. I have a laydee crush on your hubby. Be warned. This means I will giggle like a 6 year old when in his presence.

    Seriously?!?! Bowties and chuck taylors? J’adorb.

  2. Back to the Future(s) plural…1980s dancerama meets 1950s soda fountain…man, they’re cute. And mini-you stands EXACTLY like you used to in all your pics…hilarious.

  3. LOVE.. this is like the only word I EVER write here. :) She is adorable! Which naturally means you are too!

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  5. Please tell MQD that the bow tie/sneaker combo is ridiculously adorable.

  6. The Divine Miss Em!! There’s nothing worse than being 10+ months pregnant but with MQD & TDME, it looks like you’re well entertained!!

  7. What an awesome family you have! That picture of your daughter and your husband completely encapsulates what I want the demeanor of my own little brood to be.

    Crossing our fingers that today is the day!

    • Be careful what you wish for!!! :) In all sincerity, thanks a lot. We really do have a good time. Even our ugly moments are funny. Or perhaps only to me. Heh.
      Fingers, toes, you name it. All but my knees!!!

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