16 days until…

I haven’t written about running skirts in years.  Or crotch sweat. All things have a season, I suppose.  Apparently running skirts are on their way out and short shorts are coming back with a vengeance. Who knew? Lucky for you crotch sweat never goes out of style.

Observations from the morning. Sixteen days until my 40th birthday….

legsThese legs and these comically large feet just ran a 5K in less time than I have in a few years. Possibly ever.

I’ve been busting my ass lately and decided to see if my favorite running skirt would let me run without lighting my thighs on fire. Applying BodyGlide to the thighs this morning (because they still touch y’all, even down 30 pounds) and Lucy asks “is that for when your vagina sweats?”

Umm. Something like that.

Today has already been amazing.  My vagina sweat was totally under control.  My legs carried me 3.1 miles with the swiftness.  I am totally over my stomach virus.  And in less than an hour I get to have my first mammogram.

What’s your Thursday look like?  May your vagina sweat be light, your legs fast and your mammogram technician gentle.

3 responses to “16 days until…

  1. Cracking me the hell up! And I know all about the evils of chafing. Oh, and, just for the record, I believe that thighs were never meant to be all in their own hemispheres. Peace, John

  2. I sincerely try to be empathetic, I really, really do. But I got nothing. If only I were a runner then I’d have at least one thing in common. But alas.

    Having recently (a month ago) had my routine colonoscopy I can say that many procedures that are good for us have a slight downside in the comfort area. Maybe I should schedule a proctological exam in your honor. As a loyal follower I was aware of your recent tax day/gynecological double header…so it’s the least I could do I guess.

  3. Cheers to you, birthday girl!! From one comically-large-footed Mama to another! (Size 9 on a 5’2″ Mama is comically large.) Here’s hoping your awesome time and sweaty bits inspire me to pump up the pace on my run today.

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