Just checking in…. kitchen renovation is happening.  Painting and finishing is on deck and I am chomping at the bit to get things finished.  My mother asked me today “So, when exactly do you want me to come down and help you get things finished?  This afternoon?” She was only kind of joking.  I am feeling very Veruca Salt about this whole scenario.  I want it all and I want it now.

But it is summertime.  And summertime deserves a certain reverence.  So, instead of painting and figuring out how to make a  perfect mitered corner in the baseboards I need to replace I am eating watermelon and letting my kids eat popsicles at the pool moments before we go home for dinner and staying up too late and running too little and getting excited when Tone Loc is on the radio and occasionally misbehaving.  Because it is Summertime, guys.

But I miss y’all.  So, I am checking in.

Overheard just now from the living room:


Lucy was terrorizing Emily. Emily yells out “Mom!!! Can you help me? Stick a boob in her face or something?!”

pool breastfeedingShe has a point.  It does tend to chill her out.


I hope you are all enjoying your Summer.  Tell me, what is keeping you busy?


7 responses to “Summertime

  1. Hipshakin’, milk shaken’ and tea party with Elmo.

  2. The boob, the New England Patriots t-shirt and the sisterly lovin’. What more does summer need? (Plus the watermelon, popsicles and pool, of course.) Hoping to line up just about the same here! Enjoy these happy days!

  3. Oh I try and try to keep the boob in poor Gibs teething face, but he arches away from me and gets frustrated. Glad your summer is going well!.

  4. Hey! For home reno inspiration you should check out fellow blogger:
    He is redoing an old historic home in NY… and while I can’t DIY even half of the things he does, it gives me really good inspiration and sometimes awesome plans for little things :)

  5. Oh, for the days when sticking a boob in their face cured everything! I’m busy trying to figure out how to make money. Thanks for checking in.

  6. Glad you’re well if not insanely busy. Working here and trying to figure out what to do with my pasty boy/non-pasty girl in the sweltering Louisiana summer. I think they’re already getting burned out on the wading pool and sprinkler and it’s not even July yet.

  7. Annette Maynard

    Love it as usual, Kelly! Thanks for the reminder to experience the ‘chill’ of summer. I’m in a waiting game as well, & it’s wonderful to have kids, pool time, popsicles, friends & a little fb time. Thanks again!

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