Baby Butt!! What ! What!

There are few times in the course of our lives as women that anyone says “Holy hell, look at the dimples on that butt!!  Love it!”  or “Oh man, I just love the chubby elbows!” And I for one think we should embrace it!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of a visit from a dear friend and our wedding photographer, Carrie Roen.  She has posted a sneak peek  at  a few of the images from her shoot and I am drooling over Miss Lucy Q’s adorable butt.  Someday Lucy will roll her eyes and say “Mom, someone told me that my butt is on the internet.  Is that true?”  And I will, of course, say “It damn well better not be, young lady!” and promptly delete this post.  But for now… Lemme introduce you to the young lady’s best side.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the images.  Carrie has an incredible talent for capturing moments that you would not believe if you’d not seen them yourself.  For example, as I sit here this morning, with toothpicks holding open my eyelids, I’d swear to you that Lucy does not actually EVER sleep.  But photgraphic evidence, kids. She does.  She will again.

When I was younger my dad used to say that I was a great kid…  “when you’re alseep.”  Not until I had kids of my own did I truly understand the majesty of a sleeping child.  You have the time to see them, to smell them (even if they do smell like old noodles!) and to just absorb them when they are at peace.  And quiet.  And not moving.  And quiet.

Shout out to Moonshine! And a stellar picture of Kellan's dad!


My other favorite moment in time that Carrie captured for me?  After MQD and I were wed.  After the toasts.  After the family portraits.  (And maybe after a wee bit of moonshine) she took MQD and I out in to the grass and we just walked.  We walked and we laughed and we talked and we had a few minutes to ourselves.  I have since told everyone I know that is about to get married to take these few minutes for themselves, you won’t get them back.  There has to be a more romantic way to describe it than as the “Holy shit we just got MARRIED” moments, but for me… that is what it was.

And either I was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, or I was pretty damn excited about what we’d just done.  Thanks, Carrie, for amazing pictures to help me remember some pretty special times in the last few years.  And thanks even more for a conversation in my kitchen at the beach so long ago.  I felt brave that day.  And you were part of it.

5 responses to “Baby Butt!! What ! What!

  1. Thanks Kelly!! You make all of this so so easy! Love you all so so much, I want to play again soon.

  2. The beginning of this cracked me up. When Silas was still cooking and we got the u/s pic I said something like “look at that cute little penis!” Aaaand I’m pretty sure that’s the very last time in a boys life that anyone is allowed to say that. lol Great post. You had me misty. You have a way of doing that :)

  3. Sweet post. Best one you’ve written in minutes.

  4. LOVE the sleeping baby picture. And for some reason I suddenly have Octopus’s Garden playing in my brain radio…

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