Several nights ago MQD mentioned that while Emily might not actually be keeping score that he definitely was. Evidently I have not showered him with the love and appreciation he is due here on Excitement on the Side. I laughed and suggested that I write 31 posts about him in the month of May, the Baskin Robbins of Husbands, 31 flavors of Mike. Our wedding anniversary is today, April 30th, so perhaps it is an appropriate month to focus on my main squeeze, in spite of the fact that it is my month. Mother’s Day. My 36th birthday.

I enjoyed counting down the days to Christmas with our decorations. So, May…. I offer up 31 days devoted to my better half. To marital bliss. Brought to you with accompanying wedding pictures.

I’m kicking off Mike month a day early!!


More than a pretty face, he’s a snappy dresser, too

A lot has changed in the last year. Big stuff. A baby. A house. But by far the biggest change in the day to day has been Mike’s commitment to looking fine.

Note the time. We used to stay up late.

I fell in love with this boy. Perhaps you remember him. He wore camo pants and profane band tshirts. And he needed a hair cut. But he was mine. And I was crazy about him.

Was this some kind of Ridiculous Hair contest?

I really liked this guy with crazy hair and a goatee.  But holy shit, did I LOVE this guy with a fresh new haircut.

 And then sometime last spring he started wearing a shirt and tie to work everyday. His shopping for casual suits provided this super Easter gear. And Honeymoon Cruise attire galore.

Now shopping for Mike has become a hobby. He is always on the lookout for something. Bow ties. The perfect dress shirt. Saddle shoes. A belt. It is not uncommon while watching television with Mike to find him googling “casual men’s shoes” on his phone.

I was not the only girl falling for that long haired boy.

I watch more television now than I have in years. A nursing infant allows for that. Instead of getting myself sucked in to the daytime tv sinkhole I have been recording a few shows to fill the 30 minutes here and there I find myself in the rocking chair underneath a sleeping baby.

The talk show. There are more than enough to choose from. But I keep coming back to the same one.

Last week I kept seeing one sharp outfit after the next. Nothing revolutionary. Just a plaid shirt and a great sweater with corduroy elbow pads. Loosely tied tie and a really crisp white shirt, untucked with penny loafers. A cardigan sweater and khakis. The other night we were talking about the break of a man’s pant and I was saying that it is impossible to wear pants with no break without looking like you are waiting for a flood, but recently I saw it in an outfit and it was cute. Navy pant, polo shirt and saddle shoes, no socks. It worked. A glen plaid vest with a monochromatic shirt, tie and pant. Things I don’t think I’d think of wearing that come together beautifully. All classic pieces.

So, how do I bring it up? Honey, I love the look you’ve been developing. And I think I found a style icon for you. I swear, any outfit this person wore last week would have looked great on you. Give them a google, baby. It’s Ellen Degeneres.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart.  I love you more every day.  I couldn’t love you more if you were a lesbian talk show host.  











3 responses to “MQD May

  1. Ellen is fine and has style coming out of her pores. I long to pull off the sockless Chuck Taylor as well as she does.
    Happy anniversary to you both!

  2. lol I was thinking Ellen as I was reading your description! Totally Ellen!

  3. You’re dressing your hubby like Ellen!! He could do worse. She never looks like ass.
    Also, I LOVE seeing your posts come to my inbox. I’m all “Yay!!” when I see one. You make my day.

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