Outer Space

After dinner we fill out our books,  questions for each and every day that remind us to stop and slow down and talk to one another.  We had gotten a few days behind, so last night we were playing catch up.  Emily was filling out her book and I heard her sniff.

MQD had taken Lucy to the bath tub and we were alone in the kitchen.  “Are you ok?”

“Not really.”

She was crying.  And she wasn’t crying for the sake of getting my attention, she was actually trying to shrug it off.   “What’s wrong, Em?”

“This question just got me a little bit… well, I am crying.” The question: Would you rather travel back in time or go to outer space?  Why?photo 2-2

“Travel back in time, be my mommy’s baby.”  

We had the usual conversation about how she will always be my baby girl.  I shut the dishwasher and flopped down on the couch.  I held her tight and said that the best thing about being a kid is that no matter how old you get – this feeling – that feeling where nothing else matters in the entire world when your mom puts her arms around you – that never goes away.  I told her that she can always close her eyes, no matter where she is, and imagine that I am right there and know that if I was there I’d do the very same thing I am doing right now.  I’d hug her, with my face pressed against the top of her head and say “I love you, I love you so much it’s crazy, baby girl.”

We talked and laughed and cried and eventually hugging became tickling and tickling became screaming and screaming attracts the dog.  We decided to get out for a bit.  Take the dog for a walk.  Wipe our tears away.

As we walked we talked about the first day of school and her new hair cut.  We discussed for the 875th time the relative merits of capri pants vs shorts and the possibility of rain on that first day.  Deep stuff.

We came back to the front door and I bent down to take Fish off of his leash and I said “Hey, you” while I was down there.  Emily came to me, nearly knocking me down as she usually does.  “Listen, I have been trying to make this week special since it is the last week of summer break.  You know, letting you go in and get your hair cut by yourself, just little stuff to make you feel like a big girl.  I’m proud of you.”

Her eyes got wet as mine often do. “I know,” she said. “But could you try a little less.”

photo 1-2


And so today we colored.  And we did not think about being a big girl.  Or second grade. We just colored.



28 responses to “Outer Space

  1. Kelly you’ve got another follower w/ me, Seems like novel interests. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

  2. “you could try a little less”. . . .love it! As moms we always try so hard, that it’s nice to know sometimes, all we really need to do is try a little less. :)

    • I am going to get a damn plaque – Try A Little Less.

      • I wish they made those!! You better make some & put them in Etsy! I will buy one! LOL

        • Funny story… a hundred years ago at the bottom of a bottle of tequila a friend said to me “Kelly, you are at 10, we need you at about a 7. Be a little less.” It was a common refrain after that “Be a little less.” Apparently this is a running theme in my life.

          • Oh honey, I can soooo relate!! I have always been that over the top, push past the limit kind of girl too. Maybe there are just certain areas where we just try a little too hard. Now we just have to figure out which areas those are! lol

  3. *sniff* She’s so sweet. You must be so incredibly proud.

  4. As you are mine. I love you too baby girl.

  5. My little guy starts pre-school next week. I can’t believe it… I just want him to stop growing up so fast! I hope there will be moments when he will just want to be my baby boy for a little longer!

  6. This is the sweetest thing. And with a third grade girl of my own, I totally related to this.

  7. Oh gosh! Choked up and teary eyed. This is just too darn sweet. Seriously, will you try a little less over there.

  8. Rip my heart out! GEEZ! <3 You two need a girls' night away from MDQ (heh) and Lucy….

  9. Tell Em I am 43 but I am still my mama’s baby!

  10. Oh goodness…crying my face off…love, love, love…

  11. Crap. You got me crying. Sammie started 2nd grade today. I wanted it to be huge, earth shattering. But it wasn’t. It was big. I actually waited till the bell rang and made sure she got into her class. But the first day of school didn’t have any tears today. Not all the parents stayed. I was advised as I walked into the cafeteria, “This meeting is for *new* parents.” (Luckily, M is cute enough to get a donut anyway. Besides, he’d already put his dirty little mitts on it before asking. Sprinkles, yum.)

    I WANT second grade to be huge, because it seems huge to me. Second grade was when we moved to Burke. I had already lived in three states by then. I finished out that elementary school, then the middle and high school at Robinson. It’s all moving too fast. And Sammie walks that line too. “Mom, let me do it by myself.” vs “Cuddle with me” at bed time.

    Anyway… tears. Hugs to Em, even though I’ve never met her. ;) Happy second grade.

  12. And now I’m all teary eyed. I remember saying something similar to Miss A. when she was younger.

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