Patience, I’mma get me some.

Home Depot in our pajamas at 8:45 this morning.

Said woman take it slow, It’ll work itself out fine.  All we need is just a little patience. Said sugar make it slow and we’ll come together fine. All we need is just a little patience. 

I try not to take a lot of Life advice from Axl Rose.  But I could seriously stand to get a little patience.   I don’t have a lot of that. But then again I’m not terribly virtuous by plenty  of people’s standards either.

I have a laundry list of faults  and my lack of patience is to blame for most of them.  My inability to stay with a long term plan, my need to just keep talking… these things all stem from my lack of patience.

In an effort to showcase my growth as a human being I thought I’d share a picture or two of my half finished bathroom. Half finished?  WHAT?! How can I possibly be sitting in front of my computer if I have a half finished project?! The delightful Karen’s husband, Zeke, said “Better to be done right than to be done right now” and since I am neither related nor married to Zeke I did not want to punch him in the face.  I just had to admit that he was right.  

Sigh.  This weekend’s fiasco that resulted in my teary tantrum was largely due to the fact that I just couldn’t stand to let some glue dry.  For 24 hours.  24 hours is a long time in DIY world.  I wanna be done.  One afternoon.  Finished.

Sigh.  I picked off my molding.  I chucked it.  At 55 cents a foot I decided I was starting over.  New wood,  new paint,  new glue, new attitude.

Without further ado…. my freshly painted bathroom and the bathroom mirror frame that will be finished sometime tomorrow come hell or high water.

I hate my light fixture.  A project for another day.

I am practicing having patience after all.


8 responses to “Patience, I’mma get me some.

  1. Who has time for glue to dry!? I would’ve done the same thing. Love the pic of you two in the mirror BTdubs. And if it makes you feel better, we have so many unfinished projects up in here, I don’t even know where to start. Eventually your eyes glaze over them and it seems just fine for a while.

  2. I’m impressed. it looks great. You definitely have talent so you must have patience. Somrthing I lack so you have the genes

  3. Better if it’s done right than done right now…wow, hello, WallWords? Can I have that in BIG LETTERS please? Love it. I’m plastering it all over the office, on David’s forehead, on my own forehead. My next tattoo? but where? On my back or backwards on my front so I can see it…oh damn.

  4. Love the color of the walls.
    Also love your logic concerning not punching Z in the face. Think it means I’ll be contacting MQD for advice in the future. Because Z knows a lot of stuff, but um, sometimes it’s hard to accept that knowledge with grace…

  5. My dear you have patience where it is important – with your people! DIY always takes longer than you expect, so just remember to set aside an extra 1/2 day.

  6. It’s gonna be FABULOUS!!! Love the frame. I want to do that to my bathroom mirror. Patience isn’t my strong suit either. I feel your pain.

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