Easy like…

Sunday morning.

It’s easy to skip out on exercise when you’re on vacation. The single upside of an addictive personality is that when you create a positive habit you’re like a junkie for that, too. I peeled Sleeping Beauty out of bed and popped her in the stroller at ten after seven. Big, blue eyes and duck pajamas. We took off for a short two mile run through the neighborhood. Vacation or not, we were jogging. I needed my fix.

The promise of an empty stretch of sand in the morning motivated me to cross the highway and head for the beach.

The beach in the morning. Running on a perfectly flat road. Standing at the beach access and smiling. Making the decision to run an extra mile because I could always take a break and pop back up another access.

These are the things I was grateful for this morning. These are the reasons I will run again tomorrow morning.

I miss the ocean.


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