The vernal equinox. March 20th .  The days will start getting longer.

Two months ago today we met our little Lucy. And every day since then I’ve told her I couldn’t possibly love her more than I do.

But starting today I will have a little more time each day to see her face. The added sunshine will give us time to walk the dog, work in the yard, take her big, strong, funny sister to soccer practice. We will cook dinner outside on the grill and before the days start to get shorter our sweet little girl will be sitting out there with us. On a blanket in the evening sun. Sitting.

Five minutes ago Emily June was two months old.

Flowers are poking out of the ground. Buds on the trees are beginning to crack open. And this little face… I am starting to know her. To see her smile.
Our little girl is in there. Inside our baby. And one night I will fall asleep with my baby nestled in the crook of my arm. And I will wake to a sweet and cuddly little girl. Amazed at how beautiful she is I’ll not look back to see the baby. Until it’s too late.

Spring is about becoming.  You’ve changed all of us. Emily has become this incredible big sister. You tamed my wild girl.  She is quiet as not to wake you, cautious as she rocks you.   Your father, who has been an amazing father to your sister since long before he had the title has become a Daddy.

The springtime goes by too quickly. In North Carolina Summer’s heat surrounds you before you’ve finished packing away your sweaters. But not this year.

I will cherish every night my little Lucy wakes me. I will remember. This baby. As she becomes a little girl.   Two months. It was Winter when you were born, sweet girl. And now it is Spring.

Sweet girl. You are sweet. You’re the icing on my cake. And I’m gonna eat you with a spoon, sweet girl. Your feet won’t touch the ground until your headed off to school. You won’t sleep in your own bed until you can ask me for one.

Keep it up.  All this growing.You will always be Baby D.

3 responses to “Springtime

  1. Damn it Kelly! Sobbing. I’m so mad at you right now. You’re in the right space though. Hanging on to every moment as best we can. My little baby born during a winter storm 5 minutes ago, just turned one. It’s so bittersweet. Love this post.

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