Got to get Over the Hump!!

“I’m down to get down!  On Guard! Got to get over the hump!!” ~ Bop Gun, George Clinton  (What? Parliament doesn’t make you feel Christmassy?)

When we filled Emily’s Christmas Advent Elf this year we opted to have a “fancy” piece of candy poking out of Day 13.

Last year we filled each pocket the night before.  Or I raced out to the living room to try and beat her to the elf when I heard her coming down the stairs in the morning.

But this year she is old enough to not only be patient enough to not   sneak the candy out of each pocket early but she  actually seems to be enjoying the torture of waiting.

This morning I was getting dressed when I heard her asking what day it was.  I knew where this was headed so I ran out to the kitchen and grabbed my phone for a picture.  MQD, always the better teaching parent, says “The 13th?  What numbers make up 13?”

I think my grin gave it away.  “The 1 and 3!” as she grabbed the fancy candy with the Santa head from his #13 pocket. I reminded her that we had chosen that pocket because it was the halfway mark.

“No way!!  We are half way to Christmas!” she exclaimed.

It was everything I could do not to echo her sentiment.  No fucking way!!  IT IS HALF WAY TO CHRISTMAS!  We need to wrap gifts, and bake treats, and mail packages, and sort stocking stuffers and….. breathe.

I am having candy canes for lunch.

Gimme some love!! Please?

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