Tear the roof off the mother!!

As we were leaving to go the bus stop this morning I realized we were running well ahead of schedule so we opted to hop in the car and run a quick errand.  As we were driving I asked Em “Do you wanna listen to the band that dad and I are going to go see tonight?”

Parliament’s “Give Up the Funk” started filling the car with it’s funkitude and there were smiles all around.  I swear even Fisher was feeling it.

I pulled up to the bus stop and parked the car, turned around to see my little lady with a face full of tears.  I turned down the funk and asked her what was wrong.  “It’s just not fair!! Why can’t a kid see a good band EVER!?  I didn’t know you were going to see THIS band!!!”

I tried not to smile.  I really did.  But man, oh man, I was swelling with pride.  “Baby the first time I saw George Clinton and and the Parliament-Funkadelic I was twenty years old.  I promise you that I will take you to see them before you are twenty, okay?”

She seemed to think that was sufficient.  “Okay… fine.  Can you just turn it back up, please?”

Em has been bringing the funk since she was very small.   I hope I can make her proud tonight.


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