Heart to heart, you’ll win…

In the early 90’s an Amazonian Queen had a perm. And both boobs. And Revlon Rum Raisin lipstick.

“Hippolyta, I wooed thee with thy sword, and won thy love doing thee injuries.” ~ Theseus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

If that’s the case then Emily and her sidekick are destined for eternal love.  The chasing one another with sticks, the beatings that take place in the yard only moments after breakfast on a Saturday morning. The two of them tumble to the grass and roll down the hill, hunting snakes and deer in Kellan’s front yard.

These activities are in stark contrast to the playing of Family that takes place in Emily’s room.  It is quiet in her room and I poke my head in the door.  Quiet is a signal of distress and trouble when children are in your house.  “We are putting our baby to bed, and then we will do Chores.” Chores include putting away all of the games they have taken out of her closet.  And arranging their baby’s things  carefully on her bed.

It shouldn’t surprise me that Emily shifts so easily from Warrior to Mother.  I like to fancy myself a woman that keeps a foot in both camps.    But when I stepped out the kitchen door the other day and caught her running towards the driveway I had to stop her, take a picture.  “Whatcha doin’?”


“What do you have there?”

“My baby. And some lipsticks.”

And she ran off to get her stick.  That’s my girl.

Shooting at the walls of heartache bang,bang!!
I am the warrior!

And heart to heart you’ll win
If you survive
The warrior!!

~Patty Smyth & Scandal

One response to “Heart to heart, you’ll win…

  1. I swear to god, if you don’t get published someday, it’ll be a shame…the sitcom based on this blog would be awesome.

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