I take a lot of pictures.

Sometimes I wonder if I take so many pictures because I am afraid that the moment will slip away, that I will forget.  That the day will get lost in the archives of  the “brain movies” (as Em refers to her memories) and I will forget.  So, I take pictures.    To hold on.

This weekend I did not take a single picture.  Even though there were a hundred moments I wanted to hang on to forever.

I watch Emily talk to her friends at school and I look at their faces and I wonder if one of those girls will be there when she has her heart broken.  When she has sleepovers.   When she learns how to drive.  When she graduates from high school. When she gets married, and has babies.  When she laughs. When she is afraid.   When no one else remembers that hilarious day in 1987.  When she sees a remake of a movie that came out 27 years ago.  Because the girl that I sat next to on the first kindergarten has been there for all of those things.  And she’ll be there for so many more.

I ask myself sometimes how long something has to be true before I can just take it on faith.  And now I have an answer.  Thirty years.  That’s how long.

I hugged you at the airport, Amanda, and it never dawned on me to take a picture.  Because I know I will see you again.  I don’t know when.  But I know I will.  Because I always do.  That’s what thirty years of friendship gives you.  Faith.  And you know George Michael says I gotta have it…



2 responses to “Thirty

  1. There is just nothing in this world like a true blue best friend. Love this post <3

  2. I forwarded this post to my friend Keith. I didn’t know her until I was fourteen, so there is no one who has known me since I entered kindergarten. But I love her just the same because she’s been there through babies, and divorce, and remarriage and my growing up.

    Makes me wonder if I’ve told her often enough. Your post said it so well.
    I love you, Kel, and I love Keith who’s the sister I never had.

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