If you go down to the woods today…

We hit a snag on the closing on our house.  It happens.  We had planned to close several weeks before we needed to move just in case.

My computer at work fried.  That happens, too.  I had my data backed up because it is always a possibility.

Jer’s grandfather had an emergency surgery yesterday, he pulled through like a champ, but it was quite a scare.

I think there was something else that had me blue.  How quickly one forgets… I had a tantrum because MQD “doesn’t like me.”  All in all, I had a shit day.  Nothing permanent.  All things that I had either prepared for, could have predicted or that turned out okay in the end.

I tried to buy a pair of shoes to cheer me up.  I couldn’t find anything I liked so I ended up with fat lady underwear and a black tshirt.

Last night I was fed up with my bad mood.  I was done wallowing.  I made mashed potatoes.  I painted pink and green glitter on to my fingernails.  I took Em, MQD and the dog out for a walk.  This morning I have listened to Jerry Garcia sing “Teddy Bear Picnic” about nine times.

It’s Friday.  I won’t be moving anything in to my new house this weekend.  I won’t be painting our bedroom.  I am slightly behind at work.  Jack is still in the hospital. But I will eat mashed potatoes.  At a Teddy Bear Picnic.  With glittery fingernails.  And MQD likes me.  He might even like-like me.  But I’m not pushing my luck.  I am wearing fat lady underpants afterall.

10 responses to “If you go down to the woods today…

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  2. Pink and green glitter… I could use it too if I only had it!! :)

  3. oh Em – you have me belly laughing too!!!

  4. Yeppers, The night pretty much turned around. :)

  5. Berbie Scooter or no, I don’t think anyone’s Bad Mood could stand up next to Emily’s Gleeful Laugh

    • Berbie. It’s a new thing. Really obscure, you’ve probably never heard of it. I’m very hip and I know these things.

  6. oh emily’s laugh is SO good!

  7. I think I’d need mashed potatoes AND ice cream after a day like that!! Maybe you can iron on “Hormonal: You were warned” onto your new black t-shirt.

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