Saturday Morning

It was 6:51 when Fisher’s tail started thwap-thwap-thwap at the end of the bed,  the sound that a dog’s tail makes when he is excitedly wagging his tail against the bed from the prone position.   “Mom!  Did I sleep in? I think I slept in!”

It was about a quarter after seven last night when I felt my eyes get heavy. It didn’t seem fair that I pass out during Friday night movie night,  I had picked the movie, Lily Tomlin’s  The Incredible Shrinking Woman.  But there was no fighting it.  MQD woke me a little after eight and I climbed in to bed. 

It was 6:51 on a Saturday morning. Whether or not Em “slept in” I had just had somewhere in the neighborhood of eleven hours of sleep.  “Climb in and give me five minutes, kiddo.”

She snuggled up against me.  And she started to giggle.  “I’m gonna have a party” she sang while she wiggled.  “Baby D is getting BIG, Mom.  I can feel a LOT of kicks.”

It was Saturday morning.  And I was laughing, in bed, with both of my kids. Baby D was wiggling, Em was singing.  We got up to let MQD grab a few more zzz’s.  I made a cup of decaf coffee while Em took Fish for a quick walk.

I have one very tiny in-utero baby and one very big girl.  And I think I can do this.  Two kids.  On eleven hours of sleep.  It’ll be a breeze.

3 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. Oh yes. And OF COURSE with 2 kids you will always get 11 hours of sleep. hee hee hee

  2. Aww love this. You got this mama. And of coarse it will be a breeze ;)

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