Obligatory Update

The Creative juices aren’t flowing.  But it’s not because I am lacking Juice.

I have Running Juice.

My big girl walked/ran her first 5K. I looped back and finished with her.


I have kind of a lot of Running Juice.  The physical therapist has me tuned up just right and I have run more than 300 miles since August when I got those new pink kicks.

So. I got some more.


I have tons and tons of Leaf Raking Juice.  And I have 8 year old free labor.  I recommend it.


I may or may not have had a little Juice at a party recently. I was excited.  I wore a dress. And eye shadow.


Which is kind of funny because I also wore this mask.


You know you found the right church when there is a Burlesque show and a good excuse to wear a luchador mask and your shoes are carefully placed by the front door when you get there on Sunday morning.  I think that is a sign of a good time, right? Losing your shoes? I seem to remember that from the Days Before Kids.



I have Running Juice.  And Leaf Raking Juice.  And Fancy Dress Up Juice.

But I don’t have much in the way of Pithy Commentary Juice.  Or even Sappy Emotional Observations Juice.  Hell. I don’t seem to have any Get a Load of This Shit Juice even and I almost never run out of that.

I’m here.  And I miss you guys.  I just don’t seem to have a lot to say.  And I don’t know what to make of that.

13 responses to “Obligatory Update

  1. At least you’re posting despite having nothing to say. I had nothing to say for a while and all I did was run. Oh, and have a life. But it wasn’t a fun one. Not that things are more fun now that I’m writing again.

  2. That’s because right now you have Living the Good Life juice — you’re living in the moment, don’t need to contemplate what’s maybe not going right because all the pieces fit. Keep it up, Kelly. The rest of us will not be unhappy if we know that you’re not here because you’re there, living the life we all strive for. :-)

  3. Agreed. Having the same lack of writing juice over here. My last post was almost 4 months ago! Yikes. But I’ve since bought a house, moved out of Brooklyn and to NJ, and become obsessed with decorating and furnishing said house. The rest of my time is taken up making new friends, exploring our new town, taking care of the little one (20 months) and spending time w/ my hubby. Haven’t found my exercise juice yet either – but should probably do that soon. Your running is inspiring!

  4. By the way, I absolutely adore your pictures, especially your costumes, your running kicks and your finish line crossing. Awesome post, and very inspiring. No need to wait for your ‘creative’ juices to flow, they already have :-)

  5. No worries, the creative (and other) juices will return. It’s funny, I’ve been out of the blogging world for so long one (perhaps about 8 months) of my followers thought I quit. Yesterday I came back just to read other people’s posts and didn’t post anything myself (other than commentary on others’ posts). Like you, I have been running…I’ve done 21 timed races since May. My goal is to get into the 2014 NYC Marathon. I’ve got a lot of energy to run, take care of my toddler (what age is appropriate to get him to run a 1-mile kids’ fun run, by the way?), cook, clean, do anything else that needs to be done around the house. Perhaps because of my busy running (and zumba, and self defense) schedule, I haven’t had time to think, ruminate, cogitate, and come up with something inspiring. Alas, such is life. I have faith that someday my creative streak will make a roaring comeback, and so will yours. The trick, for me, will be finding time to listen to it and record it somehow.

    • You’re spot on about finding the time. I have given in and started going to bed at 8 because I was approaching that kind of chronic exhaustion that makes me a nightmare to be around. The stolen hours at night are no longer!

      As for the fun run – do it now if you can bring along a jogging stroller just in case! A mile is a long way for the little ones but it is so cute when they cross the finish line.

      21 races! You are a machine!!

  6. Love the masks! Losing shoes at a church party? Yes, that would be a great congregation indeed:)

  7. I have nothing to say
    and I am saying it
    and that is poetry
    as I need it.
    — John Cage, “Lecture on Nothing”

    Click to access john-cage-lecture-on-nothing.pdf

    (note the performance directions, in italics, top right corner page 1,
    which explain why the words appear on page as they do.
    read left to right.)

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