New Wave Feminism

I am making peace with the fact that Betty Freidan would be disappointed  in me.  I read an insightful article recently about the growing trend for women to have a picture of their child as their Facebook profile.  What does this mean? Does it signify a “voluntary loss of self” as the article suggests.

I am a capital letter F Feminist.  I hear this battle cry loud and clear.  We are more than our children.  We are.  We are thinkers and dreamers and writers and  people.  I understand all of that.

But I don’t have a furry vest and some Minnetonka moccasins.  If I did my Facebook profile picture would be a picture of me.  And it would look just like this.  Well, maybe all but the model thin legs.

18 responses to “New Wave Feminism

  1. But you told me never to change my pic! ;) Everytime I think of changing it, I remember that I told you I never would. lol but I’m gonna. Soon. I think.

  2. I get this completely. I sometimes use a particularly cute pic of one of my kids as my facebook profile pic but I always change it back to my own photo within a few days. I feel like I’m losing myself to kids most of the time. I’ve got to be ME!!! ; )

  3. Wait. What if you both had MATCHING vest and boots? Who would die first: Your feminism incarnate or your daughter?

  4. I had a rule about my personal Facebook profile picture: I always had to be in it. I guess that’s the fem in me or the fact that I couldn’t stand the profile pictures with 4 kids sitting on a haystack surrounded by pumpkins come autumn. Just me?

  5. I think it’s the best profile picture. I live, love, love it!

  6. Love. Her. The end.

  7. Love it. Just thought I should tell you – don’t know if it is you or me or
    spirits but I got 9 copies of this posting.

    • I think it is the Universe responding to how much you like me. :) Thanks for letting me know. I wiggled some things around this morning and it might have made things screwy.

  8. Look how stinkin’ CUTE she is!! How could you NOT make the Divine Miss Em your profile pic?? That kinda sass just screams to be shared!!

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