10 Day Challenge & a kick in the ass

I have much to report and a lot of things on my mind.  And sadly, very little time to get it all on paper. Sometime the floating around of BIG ideas makes it harder to sit down and get something down.  A friend (who has incidentally abandoned me in our shared mission to change my “Life”  with “This Book“) recently shared a mini challenge that I decided to go  ahead and do here, in an effort to make myself sit down and get something “on paper.”

Quick synopsis and then on to my first day of the ten day challenge.

As for “This Book” and the Life Changin’ – Day 53’s challenge is to return my junk mail to the sender.  And I kid you not I have not received a SINGLE piece of junk mail since Thursday, Nov 11 (which was Veteran’s Day, hence no mail.) But I will be back on that horse ASAP.

In other news…. Em’s dad came to visit.  She was over the moon.

And… in even BIGGER news… someone else tagged along for the trip and will be staying for an indeterminate length of time.

Much to say about both of these developments… but for now day one of Kristen’s challenge.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1.  Are you fucking kidding me?  ( I pretty much want to say this to this person at least once a day.)

2.  Thank you.  For holding on, to get to here.

3.  Changing your name won’t actually make you any cooler or more talented.

4.  So, did you get it?  Or are you ignoring it to be cool?  Or am I reading too much in to this?

5.   You don’t really have your feelings hurt, right?  Because for fuck’s sake…

6.  Or you could reorganize your schedule to suit that of mine and my CHILD’S.  In case you didn’t get the capitalization that was to put emphasis on the fact that Em is the child in this scenario, not you.

7.  Thank you.  With every piece of me, I thank you.  I don’t know where men like you come from, and I am not counting on ever needing to find another one… so i guess that’s okay.

8.  Is it really okay that I swear this much?  Because sometimes I think it is, and then I think maybe it isn’t, and then you say “fuck” in a meeting and I start thinking, again, that I over-think this kind of thing….

9.  Please.  Please, be here in April. I know it’s not in your control, but it won’t be the same without you.

10.  Let’s do it.   

Gimme some love!! Please?

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