Something Wicked…

I’ve written before about the trouble I had finding a Halloween costume that didn’t make me look like the hooker version of Alice.  I hesitantly ordered a dress from Halloween and was most excited when it arrived, one day earlier than I’d expected.  It fit!  And it was a lot nicer than I’d expected for the very reasonable price.  I took a peek over at their website this morning and might have to order something else now that they are having ridiculous after-Halloween  sales and I have been needing a Wonder Woman costume ever since I outgrew my Underoos in 1981.

So here we are, Alice, the White Rabbit and a wicked Queen of Hearts.

2 responses to “Something Wicked…

  1. I kept thinking, gee whiz, MQD sure is distracted. couldn’t he just pull his head out of his phone/ipod/whatever for a few seconds and look alive for the GD pictures. douche.

    then i saw the pocket watch… ;)

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