Money and Priorities

The decision for me to stay at home with the kids wasn’t easy for me or forMQD.  I had to wrap my mind around being largely dependent on him financially.  Since I would be taking on the bulk of the grocery shopping and management of the household it made sense for me to be responsible for our finances.  It can’t have been easy for MQD to simultaneously turn over not only the bulk of his paycheck to me but also the spending of said paycheck.

So far we have been doing a pretty good job of communicating.  Sharing finances can get messy and I expected there to be more bumps in the road than there has been.  A tight budget means that sometimes you have to go without.  Priorities are what they are and Mom and Dad tend to fall to the bottom of the list.  It’s hard to want to spoil the kids and not have the financial means to do so.  But I grew up in a house without deep pockets and I think it made me appreciate the things we did have.

Sometimes I am shopping and something just jumps in the cart.

MQD, I spent $3 on one of the kids today. But he looks so happy.  It was worth it.

It’s looking like maybe I should have spent $6.  Someone is looking awfully jealous.

12 responses to “Money and Priorities

  1. From the very beginning Hubs and I joined accounts. I have a need to control things and he wasn’t very good at spending at age 20. So after 11 years, we have gotten to a very good place. Meaning BROKE, but agreeing that we can’t spend money. PS those socks are dope.

  2. That is awesome! Well worth the $3! :-)

  3. Who is the coolest – Fisher with bone or poor hungry child wanting a bone.

  4. Your priorities seem entirely intact to me. $3 sounds cheap for that kind of dog watching entertainment.

  5. Look at least you are nice enough to share an account with him. I refuse to have any joint accounts with Mike. We tried that and he overdrafted the account so bad it wasn’t even funny so NOPE!! About 3/4 of his paycheck goes into MY account every payday and I pay bills and get groceries from there.

  6. You know i feel you on this! But man sometimes you just have to spend that 3 bucks because not spending it is not an option. PS: Her lil LEGS!!! AH!

  7. Ha. Tell Lucy to leave the bone alone…Fisher doesn’t have cool knee socks, does he?

  8. Who IS that big girl standing up there by the bed!?! Wow, she’s getting big! And that quilt is entirely too gorgeous to allow a dog on, FYI! :P

    • She is growing like a weed! :) And that is my all time favorite quilt. I can’t bring myself to keep them special. I figure if they last a hundred years typically, maybe mine will make it 50.

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