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Day 77: Design your own logo!

Day 77: Design your own logo!

I am not certain I could get away with calling it as logo, but  have spent a fair amount of time in the last week manipulating an image in an effort to create a cohesive look between various parts of our wedding nonsense.  Not too long after we got engaged Mike and I worked up a design for a tattoo to celebrate our engagement. We are both really happy with the way it turned out.  I still feel like mine is “new.” It has been cold and given its location it has not really seen much daylight.  The actual tattoos might not have seen a lot of daylight, but I have seen an awful lot of the image in the last week.

After a little digital manipulating we turned our tattoos…
into both a design to use as the watermark for our invitations and a design  for use on our wedding favors.  What the design will be placed on shall remain a secret for now!  In an effort not to spoil the surprise, this is all you get for now, the basis of our “Wedding Logo.”