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Spring Sprang Sprung

From you have I been absent in the spring
When proud-pied April, dress’d in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing,
That heavy Saturn laugh’d and leap’d with him. ~William Shakespeare

Can you feel it now that spring has come?
And it’s time to live in the scattered sun.
Waiting for the Sun, Waiting for the Sun… ~The Doors

Pick your poison.  Shakespeare.  The Doors.  Donna Summer.  The Beatles.  Elvis Presley.  Springtime.  It will make you run outside and sing and dance and fall in love.  And if you have school-aged kids it might make you pack up some stuff and hit the road.

We didn’t go over the river.  And we didn’t go through the woods.  But the gals and I headed off to grandmother’s house.  Ordinarily heading home to my mom and step-dad’s house  in the Spring looks like this:


Opening Day at the Nats’ Game


And sometimes it looks like this:


Or like this:20130406-140107.jpg

And this:20130406-140112.jpg

We eat.  And watch baseball.  And drink wine.  And eat some more.  And take naps.  I did all of those things.

Spring Break with the little ones is not so debaucherous.  There is very little in the way of oil wrestling.  The wet t-shirt contests have only one competitor, me, and only when Lucy Goose is having so much fun she skips a meal.  But I ate cheesecake.  And I drank a little wine.  And I ate a bag of cookies.  Spring Break was good to me. Add in a bonus Willie Roberston (of Duck Dynasty fame) sighting and Spring Break was a smashing success.

20130406-140045.jpgAnd all of that doesn’t even count Easter Egg hunts and this morning’s ColorMania 5K.

20130406-140121.jpgYep.  I ran every day but one while I was at my mom’s.  I ran this morning and I am planning a trip to the pool to crush a 3000 yard swim this afternoon before dinner.  My “Spring Break Vacation” was actually a good reason to hike up to my mom’s house to borrow her bicycle for tri-training.  And now I am attempting to hand off a post filled with pictures and sonnets and song lyrics after having been quiet for a week.  Forgive me?  I warned you.

I hope you have had a colorful week.


Day 82: Meditation

Day 82: Sit in the lotus position for 30 minutes.
Sure.  Just as soon as I have thirty minutes. I actually did take thirty extra minutes after Bikram the other night to sit.  And just be.  It’s easier to carve out thirty minutes of time when you have already earmarked ninety.

This morning I knew I had to go to the chiropractor, remind Mike to get keys cut, sign up Emily for kindergarten after school care and then go to work.  But when I looked at my phone on the way in to the chiropractor’s office and my gmail calendar was not showing up, I flipped.  I tend to schedule things, put it on the calendar and I don’t have to feel the stress of both completing a task and remembering it.  But this week I actually have things on there like “find suitcases.”  “Charge camera battery.”  Not in lists… but on my calendar.  At certain times.  I am starting to feel the Bridal Mania and I have been choosing to sedate it with a steady diet of Budweiser and scheduling.  Both seem to set me at ease.  So, not being able to see my calendar this morning had me panicked.  I can’t exactly kick back beers at work, so I need my calendar.  If nothing pops up and tells me to do something, I’m cool.  I’m not forgetting things.

To that end I decided I needed another thirty minutes of sitting.  I rarely take a “lunch break.”  But I have promised myself I’d get in the office early and stay a bit late if need be this week, so taking thirty minutes for me seemed necessary.  And it is 80-something out today.  And not raining.   

It wasn’t on my calendar.  But I sat on the floor for thirty minutes and did my damnedest NOT to think about anything.

And then I took a quick walk outside.  Spring has sprung.  I hear Springtime is a nice time to get married.  And turn 35.  And make babies.  I am feeling pretty confident in my ability to get two of the three accomplished in the next couple of weeks.  For now, the third task is not on my calendar.  Fingers crossed that it won’t ever need to be.