A Wild Hair

There are moments in your life you need wisdom.  You need consolation.  You need white wine and M&Ms and flowers and entire pizzas. You call your mother and your girlfriends.  You rally the troops.

I got my hair cut. And I hate it. It’s just hair. It grows back.  An old friend reminded me that life is an adventure and growing your hair back is a wild one.  Let’s not forget how fun it is to watch other people react and say “Oh, wow!  You cut your hair…”

I didn’t mean to cut it all off so short.  But you can’t get a short hair cut fixed without cutting it shorter.  So, here I am.  Brand new Kelly.  Sheesh.

I feel like I am wearing a wig. A wig I don’t actually hate… but a wig.  Eh.  It’ll grow on me  Ha.  My sense of humor is intact.


29 responses to “A Wild Hair

  1. late comment but this isn’t a bad-looking you.

  2. You have a cute face, so don’t worry about it! At least you had the balls to chop it off!

  3. Found you through Le Clown and I have to say, I like your hair! Not mom hair at all. I live in Naperville, IL, one of the “best places in American to raise kids” according to Money magazine. I know from Mom hair and that is NOT mom hair.

    • I shall take your word for it, speaking as an authority on Mom hair. Although that sounds like some kind of backhanded insult… I promise, I have never seen your hair! :) Thanks for coming by!

  4. I am dying to know how you ended up accidentally getting it all cut off. How does that happen?

    Whenever I get that wild hair I opt for color. It is easy to fix if I hate it. But I must say me and my purple hair and going to join you in the bad motherfucker mom club!

    • That happens when you are all “Do whatever you want!” at a new stylist. And then she actually says “I know you’re a busy mom….” Le sigh.

  5. Am I allowed to say I really like it? Will you still be my Internet friend? How’s it growing on you?

  6. Ok, so I might be biased since last time I got mine cut it ended up shorter than planned and looks eerily like yours, BUT I think it looks great!! I mean, sure, it’s not Kelly Circa 1994 when long hair was all the rage, but it’s sleek and classy, mama!

  7. I grew my hair out for my wedding, and I was downright convinced I would cut it all off when we got back from Ireland. However, during the trip the woman doing my hair curled it and it looked great. I could wear this mop without the pony tail?? Now I don’t know what to do.. I need some M&Ms

  8. I think it looks fantastic! You look even younger, which makes me angry. Just kidding! But I totally love it – you have the features to rock it!

  9. The haircut looks great. You look like a model. but what do i know???? I’m ancient and your grandma. But the on the other hand, I wouldn’t lie to you.
    Relax and enjoy it!!11

  10. It is really cute! And it will grow on you! Remember, you are still you. Think of how easy it is to do. I have done that so many times. HAIR! I think it drives us all crazy sometimes.

  11. Doll, it makes you look soo thin! Now we can see your lovely neck.

  12. DUUUUUDE. I LOVE it. I really really do. If it will help you I can send you a pic of me with completely ridiculous Tanya Tucker hair circa 1996. Bleached out and shorter than short. I trully looked ridic. YOU, however, look beautiful. xoxoxo

  13. I do think it looks really cute, no lie! I understand that you don’t like it, and I’m so sorry. But! Don’t go thinking that everyone who sees you is ridiculing it in their heads – I really think it looks great!

  14. I like it!! Of course, I’m a fan of short hair so I don’t know if that means anything. Go with it girlie!!

  15. Oh it looks great! I’m growing mine out to donate in the spring but I’m sure I’ll have a similar reaction to a short short do when it gets the chop

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