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A Recipe

A recipe for the upswing…

Favorite glasses, black tshirt, dark blue jeans, the earrings you were married in, an enormous cocktail ring, ten and a half hours of sleep and a smile.

Off to the midwife, fingers are crossed that what I think is a  baby butt jutting out of my abdomen really is… and then I can rest easy that Baby D is no longer relaxing sunny side up.  <— an informative link about spinning babies and posterior positioning.  If I can cross wicked back labor due to an occiput posterior baby off my list of things to worry about I am not sure what I’ll worry about next… but I am sure I will think of something.

ADDENDUM:  I must wear my desire to worry right across my forehead.  The one with the lines, as so graciously pointed out to me by Emily.  My appointment with my midwife was quick.  Weight and blood pressure in line with what they should be, Iron is looking good, negative for Group B strep and Syphilis so we can skip out on antibiotics for me and for Baby D.  We had a quick chat and then she had me hop up on the table.

I asked, quite casually I thought, if it was a good time to start seeing the chiropractor in an effort to make sure Baby D was in an ideal position for labor.

She smiled and said I was welcome to go to the chiropractor if I wanted.  Her words exactly as she placed her hands on my stomach “So, what are you gonna worry about it if I told you that your baby is already in a perfect position?”

I told her I’d surely think of something…