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So, how’s the cleanse going?

How is Day 2 of the 21 Day Purification?   I an considering resurrecting this look.  In second grade I represented the Meat food group in the talent show.  This particular food group has remained near and dear to my heart.  I am not hungry.  I just miss my old pal, Meat, something awful.

Sadly… I look more like this today.

Sigh. So, how’s the cleanse going?    I am feeling very spring of 1982.  And unfortunately I am trapped in  Halloween 1981.

Day 66 & 67: Save Water & One Day Detox

Day 66 is a simple challenge.  Save water. Day 67 is fairly simple, as well, a one-day detox from your substance of choice.  As has frequently been the case as I work my way through this book, they are both well timed challenges.

As for saving water, we can safely say that my household is  saving water this week.  Quite a bit of it.  MQD is gone this week, embracing his METAL roots, so Em and I are on our own.  Which means our water usage is down BIG time.  No showers for MQD, none of his laundry and since Em likes to be glued to my side when he is gone she has managed to sneak in to the shower with me for the last two days. But the big picture?  I have upped my water intake.  Drinking at least 100 oz of water a day for the last three days in preparation for… day 67!   So… good thing we are if an “if it’s yellow…” household.

Today is day one of my 21 day detox and cleanse.  It was suggested to me by my cult leader, I mean, chiropractor. So, I am on all raw foods, fruits and veggies for ten days and then will slowly add in lean proteins.  Slamming down three bark-flavored protein supplement shakes a day.  I am itching to get back to the gym but will try and take it easy for another week or two.  Just in case you are playing along at home, my back is feeling better every day.  I slept last night, pinned between my dog and the kiddo, and still woke up feeling rested.

To the lucky folks expecting mail from me, it should be headed your way by the end of the week.  Envelopes addressed, pictures ready to be scanned and printed.