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Happy, I found you….

I haven’t been this happy in years.  ~ Emily June

7:30 in the morning, Monday, May 9th, 2011

I don’t know what she meant by that… in years?  She’s only 5.  But I have been 35 for almost two weeks, married now for almost three weeks, and neither have I.  A proper update is coming… but for now… just know that I am so very, very happy.

We had a delightful band at our reception, the Gravy Boys.  They have an amazing tune, Happy.  It is my hope it will be an anthem of sorts for the rest of the year.

Can’t remember life before you
And all my memories lead to you
What’ll happen if I ever lose you
Just don’t matter, ‘cause I end with you
‘Cause only you can make me

Happy, so happy
Happy, I found you

S. Celestini © 2009

Great big happy

I am happy.  For a lot of reasons, but mostly for a few very small ones.

I pulled in to the driveway this morning on my way back from the gym and a smile spread across my face.  That kind of smile you can’t possibly contain.  All because I saw Mike’s car.  I walked inside and told him that while I was aware that one day he’d get a new car, the idea of it kind of makes me sad.  Something about seeing his big old grandfather car… it makes me smile.  Deep inside.  That kind of smile you get when you see the boy you like.  Or that your favorite dessert is the dessert special at the restaurant where you decided to have dinner.  That kind of smile that makes you feel like you are the Winner.  I walked inside to see my sweet little lady, all dressed, hair brushed, matching headband and all.  “I’m awake, Mike just got up,” she reported.  I looked past her to the kitchen and saw Mike all sleepyfaced in his pajama pants.  I tried to tell him about that smile, the smile that was so big.  “I spent so many evenings sitting on my front porch, pretending I wasn’t waiting to see if you’d stop by, and you always came… you always did.  And as soon as I’d see your car…” I think I trailed off there, my face buried  in his shoulder, as if he couldn’t hear the sappy HolyShitWeAre GettingMarriedinLessThanTwoMonthsAndIAmSoExcited tears in my voice.

I usually jump right in the shower in the morning when I get home.  I lingered in the kitchen.  We laughed a lot this morning.  About SALAD.  Because we love to say SALAD!   We tried to tell Em for the zillionth time that she was doomed to be a “crazy person,” too, one day.  Her words for when she is less than amused with our antics.  She cut us off.  With a wave of her hand and an”I’ve heard this all before” face.  We laughed some more.

It’s raining today.  Not a reason to be happy by most folk’s standards.  But not everyone has these ass-kicking rain boots, either.

I took my time this morning. I stopped to laugh in the kitchen.   I stole a real, grown-up kiss from MQD before the interloper barged in to the bathroom.   I helped Em pick out her job at school today, and she showed me a picture she had made. I walked through three puddles on my way in to the office.  I chased Fisher down the driveway at work.  I took my time.  And I was at my desk only eight minutes later than average.