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Christmas Shoes

I am a wee bit of a sap.  I cry at the drop of a hat.  At Hallmark commercials and baby pictures. Disney World.  Perfect pancakes.  Songs.

But if you thought this was going to be the part where I confess that I just can’t get enough of  The Christmas Shoes song (the song about the young boy whose mother is dying and all he wants is to buy her a pair of shoes for Christmas before she passes) you will be disappointed.  That song makes me want to put a knitting needle in my eye and twirl it around.

In fact, most things designed to bring out the sap in a person don’t do it for me.  If it has chimes or a xylophone the chances are good it will bring out the very best (or the very worst ) in my sense of humor.  That all depends on how you feel about mockery and sarcasm.

That having been said… I do have Christmas Shoes.  Released in the fall of 2005, my Candy Cane Chuck Taylor’s fucking rule.  Every year I wear them the week after Thanksgiving.  Before I put my tree up or drag out the Christmas decorations.  Out come my Chuck’s.  I wish I had worn them a bit more in later November, early December.  Because it seems I can barely see them this week.

Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

I got out of the car at work this morning feeling kind of squirrelly.    The…. D’s?  Are we the D’s?  If Mike is MQD and the baby is Baby D, does that make us the Ds?

That makes it sound like only my tits took a trip to IKEA if I say “The Ds went to Ikea.”  And who are we kidding?  The DD’s went to Ikea (we are reaching maximum capacity here in PregnantBoobTown. ) Continue reading