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Day 73: Get a hobby

Day 73: Get a hobby. Wikipedia defines a hobby as “an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one’s leisure time.”  Until this past year I really didn’t have any leisure time to speak of, so it is no w0nder that I didn’t really have any hobbies.  But now that I do, thanks to the help of MQD I am sometimes gripped by the need to “do something” that is just for me but I don’t really have the desire or the cash flow to back it up.  But I think I have found it.

My intermittent obsession with fitness is another post all to itself, but I think I have stumbled in to a new obsession that might actually, if I can figure out a way to swing it without having to sell my ass on a street corner, become a hobby.  I bought a ten class pass (which sounds like a super good album name) to a Bikram Yoga studio recently.  I enjoy yoga, and try to catch a class at the gym I belong to as often as I can. But I don’t feel that same sense of fuckyeahikickedmyownass like I do after a good run after a yoga class. But Bikram?  I feel like a badass when I leave.  And it’s not just the 105 degree room.  It’s the focus for ninety minutes on something.    And admittedly, the fact that I am drenched with sweat doesn’t hurt. The class tends to fill up prior to the start so it requires I get that there about twenty minutes early to get a spot.  So, that ninety minute class quickly becomes two hours.  Two hours, 120 minutes (great MTV show, sigh) of time for me.  I sweat, and I smile and I sweat and I breathe.  And I don’t think.

And I feel like this when I leave…

Shout out to Burke Lake park, what! what!