I try not to get all of my self worth from my kids.  Or from my husband. Or from anyone really but my own damn self.  That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

As a person I am reminded that I am the only one that has to live with my decisions.  As a fledgling athlete I am competing only against my own times.

But sometimes something will happen and I can feel myself riding high.

Two words.  “Mama funny.”  She was smiling to herself in the car. Lucy said I was funny.  Man, there really is no better feeling.  This was on the heels of Em telling me that I was hilarious just a few days prior.  I know that the days are numbered, these days that my kids find me the pinnacle of good humor.  How many times can I drop trou in my kitchen when someone asks if I have seen the moon that night?  But for now I am funny.  Emily says so.  And now Lucy is in agreement.

I enjoyed this inflated sense of self worth for not quite 24 hours.  This morning at the breakfast table Lucy made a second proclamation.

“Yogurt funny.”

Dammit, man.  I swear I am funnier than yogurt.




9 responses to “Funny

  1. I think Yogurt opens for Jerry Seinfeld in Vegas, so including you in its company is high praise.

  2. I’m feeling pretty confident that they’ll always find you funny. Although they definitely will not mean it in a good way between the ages of 13 and 18. Sigh. Then after that they’ll mean it in a nice way again. Yay! (You’re way funneir than yogurt. Even Jamie Lee Curtis in an Activia commercial.)

  3. Enjoy! You will be funny for a long time until they hit about 10, then you will no longer be funny. Then, you will be funny again when they hit about 16 and they realize that you are one of the cool moms and all of their friends are jealous.

  4. Yogurt, funny? I don’t know. I’ve always seen it as more the smooth, cultured type….*pause for hilarious laughter*…. I think you could take it in a showdown.

  5. That yogurt’s got some decent jokes though. Just sayin’

  6. I would testify in court to your general hilariousness. Your explanation of why people highlight their middle initials changed my life.

  7. Actually Lucy is just displaying the nuance of the word. Mama funny as in humorous. Yogurt funny as in curdled milk with tiny living things in it is actually a little strange if you think about it too hard. So you see, she’s actually just a genius, and you are still her number one comedian. :-D

  8. I think you’re funny. More so when you don’t drop trou.

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