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Where’s Waldo?

There might be fifty shades of Grey but there are only four shades of Kelly.

1. Being hilarious
2. Laughing about hilarious I just was
3. Trying to pull it together and get a grip on my aforementioned hilarity
4. Reenacting my hilarity for my own amusement
I was in the middle of step four when the unsuspecting woman walked in to the bathroom to see my husband in his bowtie snapping pictures on his phone.  Flustered she said quickly something to the effect of  ”I can come back later!”
Excitedly we tried to explain that my dress matched the wallpaper.  It was a photo op we could not pass up.  She walked past us and entered a stall as I tried to excuse our behavior “We have a seven month old!  We haven’t left our house in a year!”
But we did last night.  And we had fun.  And both kids lived to tell the tale.  We should try it again.  In a few months.  No need to rush in to anything.
We are now accepting social invitations for the holiday season. With advance notice I will dress to match the wallpaper in your bathroom.  Your guests will have a chance to play live action Where’s Waldo?  Now that is a good time.  Take my word for it.